Local Visibility
This design was for a company in Florida who do conversion focused internet marketing. Local Visibility was born out of the necessity for an internet marketing company that values it’s client’s and their well-being above all else. The truth is that the online marketing industry is divided among ethical and non-ethical practices. At Local Visibility, they uphold the highest standards of ethics and values, focusing on realistic results and establishing relationships with their clients. Founded in 2008, Local Visibility has developed a reputation for honest, quality work that benefits your business. They work with clients in various industries all over the United States and Canada and over the years have grown into a very reputable business. Creating a logo for this company incorporated utilizing a sort of design that incorporates some form of visual element alongside showing it’s local availability. These two elements fell pretty naturally in creating a holistic embodiment in where we landed.
Representing you,
Jeremy Dennis Pedron
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