Carte Blanche.
Carte Blanche means: "Unrestricted power to act at one's own discretion; unconditional authority. Or even Blank Check" She wanted the design to demonstrate this idea. So I created a Blank Canvas that is broken as if the design itself is "outside of the box." This energy of having unrestricted power to act shows itself in this way. She wanted that paired with a vintage(-y) look and feel being established during 2013.
This design is for a girl named Katie (on Etsy) who is creating random crafts as tools for those who are battling different addictions/aliments! Her idea is to create things that are visually esthetically pleasing to the eye that have intrinsic value to those dealing with an addiction. Her heart is to give beautiful tools in the hands that need support day by day. Her Etsy should be up real soon!
Representing You,
Jeremy Dennis Pedron
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